Parks Cleanup Participation Benefits

Brampton residents value the time they spend in city parks, whether cycling or walking their dog along the Etobicoke Creek Recreational Trail, skating through Gage Park, skiing in Chinguacousy Park or enjoying a picnic at Eldorado Park. Along with these leisure amenities, parks provide immeasurable health benefits, from providing direct contact with nature and a cleaner environment, to opportunities for physical activity and social interaction.

1. Parks, recreational trails, waterways, conservation lands, woodlots, boulevards and community gardens provide Brampton residents with a beautiful setting that contributes to our quality of life! 

2. By being physically active in Brampton’s great outdoors, one’s health and wellbeing increases while reducing the risk of illness. 

3. A growing body of research demonstrates that contact with the natural world improves physical and psychological well-being including reduced levels of anxiety and depression.

4. Maintained parks and open spaces increases the value of neighbouring residential property. Evidence points to a similar benefit for commercial properties.

5. Green spaces, like Brampton’s Gage Park and Chinguacousy Park draw tourists who contribute to our economy and the wellbeing of local businesses.

6. Trees in Brampton provide substantial environmental benefits, reducing air and water pollution while helping to keep our City cooler.

7. Wetlands filter storm water before reaching our rivers. Also, tree root systems present cost efficient and effective alternatives to building additional concrete sewers and drainage ditches to manage erosion and storm run-off.

8. Green spaces and waterways provide important habitats for wildlife.

9. Students 13 to 18 years of age can contribute while earning volunteer service hours!

10. Cooperating to take care of something that belongs to all of us is a way for Brampton residents to meet each other and develop new friendships. The twice annual Parks Cleanup event builds community spirit!