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When is the best time of the day to control wasps?
The best time to control wasps is when they start to build their nest while the colony is still small. The best time of day to control is at night time or early morning when the wasps are less active.
Who should I contact if I see a wasps nest on City property?
If you see a wasp nest on City property such as in a playground or a park, do not try to approach it or dispose of it on your own. Please contact 3-1-1.
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What are European Fire Ants?
The European fire ant is an aggressive, non-native, swarming ant that can deliver a painful bite when disturbed. They are small, red ants that closely resemble native red ants, which are harmless
Where did they come from?
The species is native to Asia and Europe and was first introduced to eastern North America in the 1900s. Over the past ten years it has become a significant pest in a number of provinces and U.S. states.
Where do they live?
European fire ants develop their colonies in soil and other similar material, with a preference for moist environments. They can be found under rocks and debris, in decaying logs and in thick grass clumps. The ants do not nest in mounds like most native North American species but instead nest in the root zones of vegetation.
Where are they located in Brampton?

Large colonies of European Fire Ants have been identified in the following locations in Brampton:

  • Chris Gibson Park
  • Fairglen Park
  • Scheffield Park
  • Valleybrook Park
Are they dangerous to people or animals?
European Fire Ants can cause a painful bite, but are no more dangerous to people and animals than other nuisance pests like wasps or mosquitoes.  They are aggressive and can deliver a painful bite when disturbed (similar to a wasp sting). They do not pose a serious threat to people, except in cases of allergic reaction.

Large infestations may limit residents’ enjoyment of natural areas. They also have the potential to impact agricultural crops and may displace native ant species 
How do I protect myself from being bitten?
In areas known to be infested, residents are advised to remain on the recreational trails and avoid walking through tall grass or naturalized areas
How can I tell if the ants in my yard are European Fire Ants?
They are small, red ants that closely resemble native red ants, which are harmless.  If the ants you see are living in an ant hill, they are NOT European Fire Ants.  European fire ants develop their colonies in soil and other similar material, with a preference for moist environments. They are usually found under rocks and debris, in decaying logs and in thick grass clumps.
What is being done to control them?

Although there is no known way to eradicate the species completely, there are two substances that the City may use to control the species in Brampton’s natural areas:

  • Boric Acid is a preferred pesticide because it has a relatively low environmental impact and is not harmful to other vertebrates and mammals. Boric acid traps can be used in areas of high infestation but must be used aggressively and in high volumes.
  • Diatomaceous earth is a powder which is highly toxic to all insects but not to animals. It can be used in highly infested areas as a buffer (i.e. along recreational trails) to prevent ants and humans from coming in contact. However, it is only practical for small locations such as a backyard.
Whom do I contact for more information?
If you have questions about European Fire Ants in Brampton, please call Parks Maintenance and Operations at 905.874.2906.
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How often are the garbage cans in the parks emptied?
We try to have the garbage cans emptied at least once a week at each playground or parkland location to prevent overflow, this is done on a rotational basis. If you have noticed that there is an overflowing garbage can that needs to be emptied, please contact 3-1-1.
Where are City recycle containers being used?
At the moment, recycling containers can be found in the large Sports Field locations such as Creditview Sandalwood park and Sesquicentennial.
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Safety Tips in Parks
• Be sure to wear footwear at all times. It is at the user’s risk if they do not wear footwear.
• Do not litter, garbage cans are supplied in all City parks for disposal of waste while using the Parks.
• Parents should walk around the park area to inspect for any hazards that may injure their children. Check for issues such as, broken glass, needles, sharp objects, broken equipment, unsanitary products or feces.

If there are any deficiencies, please contact 3-1-1. 
Parkland By-Law
The Parkland By-Law provides the management, control regulations, maintenance and usage of all parklands and water areas situated within parklands and properties owned by The Corporation of the City of Brampton for park or recreation purposes. It is deemed desirable that the parklands and properties be maintained and controlled for the enjoyment and benefit of the citizens of the City of Brampton.

It is important that all residents and visitors of Brampton respect our parks and contribute in keeping our City clean and green.
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How often is the grass maintained in the City of Brampton?
Grass cutting is cut on a rotational basis and it is rated as Low, Medium or High level maintenance. Typically, areas such as parklands or tablelands will be considered a medium maintenance area. This means that the area will be cut 13 times throughout the season. Low maintenance areas are valley lands or SWM ponds and will be cut 4 times in the season. High maintenance areas are sports fields, and the fields are cut on a weekly basis.
Is the grass cut when there is a lot of rain?
The service level for grass cutting will be altered when there is a lot of rain during the season. We are unable to cut while it is raining. When there is a light rain, we may try to begin cutting about an hour after the rain stops. If there is heavy rainfall, we will not cut until the turf has dried significantly due to the damage that will be caused by the machinery.
What is a Storm Water Management (SWM) Pond?
Stormwater runoff is rainwater that flows across the land and is routed into drainage systems and ultimately into our natural areas such as creeks, lakes and wetlands. Urbanization reduces the amount of water that can be absorbed into the ground through the increase of impervious surfaces such as roads, driveways, sidewalks and roofs. These impervious surfaces interfere with the natural hydrologic cycle by increasing the amount of stormwater runoff into our watercourses if left uncontrolled. This increase to the stormwater runoff can result in increased risks to flooding, erosion, watercourse health and aquatic life.
To manage these increased risks the City often requires developers to construct stormwater management ponds to control stormwater runoff from their subdivisions. Upon assumption of the subdivision, the City of Brampton starts maintaining the stormwater management ponds.
For more information, please click here.
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My property is located next to a naturalized area/valley land/storm water management pond, why is this area not maintained?
Valleys and storm water management ponds in subdivisions are not to be maintained and are to be left in natural condition to support and preserve development of healthy ecosystems that in turn contribute to the overall health of the environment that we live in.
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What does "Pesticide Ban for cosmetic or non-essential use" mean?
The Ontario government banned the sale and use of pesticides for cosmetic or non-essential use on lawns and gardens. Pesticides cannot be used for the purpose of enhancing the appearance of landscaped areas both on public and private property.
The Ministry of the Environment has all the information you need, including tips on naturally controlling weeds.
What can I do to control weeds on my property?
You should cut your lawn grass at 3 inches high or higher, deep water your lawn once a week (1-1.5” of water) and fertilize regularly.
For your lawn and garden, hand pull weeds, preferably before they produce seeds to reduce further infestation. You can use non-toxic herbicides available in most garden centres.
What is the City doing to maintain the weeds on the boulevards and in Parks?
The City of Brampton tries to maintain the grass at a level of 3 inches high.
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Do Brampton parks have accessible sites or accessible components?
For a list of accessible parks click here.
Why do some parks have new signs?
We are currently working on updating and replacing the existing park ID signs across the City. 
The playground infrastructure is outdated. When will it be replaced?
Playgrounds are replaced based on age and playground audits which provides condition reports and recommended lifecycle replacement dates. Playground replacement is placed in priority sequence based on this information.
If the recreational trail is cracked and full of potholes, will this be repaired?
Please contact 3-1-1. The problem will be inspected and temporarily repaired on the damaged recreational trail sections. The recreational trail will be assessed for replacement based on the age and condition. Complete recreational trail replacement will be reviewed on a case by case basis and replaced pending budget approval.
When will the tennis courts be renovated/repaired?
Tennis Courts are replaced based on age and a Tennis Court Audit which provides condition reports and recommended lifecycle replacement dates. Repairs to tennis courts are carried out as required to ensure safety to the user public.

What are the surfaces used in Brampton playgrounds and why?
Sand and woodchips are most commonly used as the surfaces in playgrounds due to safety, playability, as well as accessibility.
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Where does the Parks Department plow and how often?
The Parks Department is responsible for removing snow in the Fire Hall parking lots, Recreation centre parking lots, parkland easements and recreational trails.
All Fire and Emergency Fire Hall asphalt surfaces are considered primary locations and will be cleared within a 12 – 24 hour time period at the END of a snow fall.
Recreation Centre lots are secondary locations and we strive to clear them within 24 hours at the END of a snowfall.
Once all Fire Halls and Recreation Centre Lots have been cleared, Parks staff can begin clearing snow from parkland recreational trails and easements. Recreational trails are scheduled to be cleared within 48 hours at the END of a snowfall. Continuous snowfall may extend this period by several days.
Service will be provided 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
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How or where can I get my child registered in outdoor sports such as baseball, soccer, football etc.?
You can find all of the minor sport groups in the Parks and Recreation brochure which is available at any of our Recreation Centres.
How do I know if the field I’m playing on tonight will be playable after all of this rain?
All of our soccer fields will be inspected the morning of or after a steady rainfall that may have saturated the fields. This is done to ensure that the field is in playable condition and player safety is not in doubt. This information can be obtained from the City of Brampton website, or by calling 311 in the local area. All Baseball diamonds, (with the exception of Chris Gibson, David Dash and Flower City Community Campus) will be deemed “playable” at the discretion of the umpire.
Where can I get information on renting a sports field and how much it will cost?
All of our sports field’s rentals are controlled by the Central Booking office. For all information, please call 905-874-book.
How often does the Parks Department cut the grass and line the fields?
The Parks Department strives to maintain a mowing height of 3 inches which will in turn contribute to a much healthier turf surface. Maintaining this height has proven to reduce weeds, endure heat stress and tolerate drought in the hot summer months. This practice is highly recommended on your own lawn to produce the same results. After we cut our fields, we will paint the markings on our fields that are used for “games only”, and we strive to maintain these markings at least once per week (weather permitting).
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Please refer to our Trees & Forestry Site