Brampton... the cricket capital of Canada!

Cricket is a hug
ely popular sport in Brampton. We are leading the way with the most cricket fields (12 major and 4 minor) per capita in Ontario and Canada!

We are excited to announce the following cricket upgrades: 


Teramoto Park 
The Teramoto Park cricket field now has nighttime LED lighting that covers the entire field – a first of its kind for a full-size cricket field in Canada. This dedicated cricket-only field also has upgraded spectator seating and a digital scoreboard. This means we can now host more competitive cricket tournaments in Brampton.    


407/Dixie Park 
The new full-size cricket field at 407/Dixie Park is complete. The newly renovated pitch will provide players with an enhanced experience. 

Gore Meadows 

The new full-size cricket field at Gore Meadows Community Centre is almost complete. Future plans for Gore Meadows also include two more cricket fields with turf wickets and one field will have stadium-style seating and a clubhouse with lighting.  


For a complete list of cricket pitches in Brampton, click here​. ​​