Chinguacousy Park Memorial Plaza

Chinguacousy Park Memorial Plaza

The plaza surrounding the Bramalea Branch 609 War Memorial, located in Chinguacousy Park, has been redesigned and is now open to the public!


Bramalea Branch 609 of the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) dedicated a War Memorial in Chinguacousy Park circa 1976 to honour those who had given their lives in service during WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and United Nations missions. The plaza surrounding this Memorial was constructed during the same time. Every year, Bramalea Branch 609 hosts an annual Remembrance Service in the plaza.

Design Evolution

The redesign of this space presented a wonderful opportunity to honour RCL Bramalea Branch 609, as well as the Air, Army, and Sea Cadets, whom the Branch shares close ties with. This newly redesigned dynamic public space, located at the southwest corner of Chinguacousy Park, now allows for larger RCL events, and expands park visitor’s use and enjoyment all year round.

Design Feature Highlights

  • Four art panels bear the logos of the RCL, Air, Army and Sea Cadets
  • The plaza itself symbolizes the three branches of the military (Air, Army and Sea)
  • The surface materials represent the Army and Sea through colour selection and patterning that mimics waves
  • The linear band that leads the eye up to the Memorial symbolizes the Air as it resembles a landing strip
  • There are also inscriptions of the Canadian national anthem and bronze maple leafs that adorn the low walls