Battery Recycling Program

Take advantage of the City’s free battery recycling program! Drop off your single-use batteries in designated barrels at facilities across the city. 

All batteries are sorted by type (alkaline, lithium, etc.) and then recycled for their respective elements (metal, zinc, manganese, etc.).  All standard single-use batteries are accepted, including AA, D, 9V, button cell, and so on.  Rechargeable batteries are not currently accepted.

Batteries contain heavy metals and other toxic chemicals, which means they have traditionally been handled as toxic waste.  Recycling these materials allows them to be reused or disposed of properly, which keeps them out of landfill. The City’s new battery recycling bins allow you to conveniently dispose of your used batteries, while doing your part to help protect our environment.

For safety purposes, please place leaking batteries in a sealed plastic bag, and cover the terminals of lithium batteries with tape before dropping them off in the bins.

For more information on recycling and disposal of hazardous materials, please visit or the Region of Peel’s website.