George Hitchcock

Division Chief, Brampton Fire and Emergency Services

George Hitchcock joined Brampton Fire and Emergency Services in 1974, and served the community for 33 years. Starting as a firefighter, George was assigned to the Division of Communications for a short period, and in 1990 joined the Division of Community Relations where he was promoted to the rank of Director. As the Division he led grew and developed according to the needs of the community, George earned the rank of Division Chief of the Fire/Life Safety Education Division.

​Working alongside Fire Chief Andy MacDonald, George proudly watched the construction of the Fire/Life Safety Education Centre. Under George’s direction and leadership, the Centre has grown to be an award-winning and internationally recognized facility for safety awareness and education.

George played a significant role in developing and nurturing many innovative programs for Brampton Fire and Emergency Services. A program that was near and dear to his heart was the High School Co-operative Education program. It was a way for George to promote the fire service as a wonderful career choice, and help mentor those students who felt the same passion for the fire service as he did.

Whether speaking about fire safety or the fire service to children or adults, his compassion shone through and has inspired many to follow in his footsteps.