Multiple Dwellings

Basment Page 


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(On these pages, we use the term “dwelling unit” to describe individual residential units within a single building.)


Your home may contain more than one dwelling unit. As the owner, you are responsible for complying with the Ontario Fire Code, the Ontario Building Code and City of Brampton bylaws. These pages provide you with information and resources so that you can comply with the codes and the City’s bylaws.


As the owner, you are responsible for carrying out the provisions of the code. If a fire or other incident occurs, you will be held liable for failing the meet the requirements of the code, which may result in fines of as much as $50,000 and time in prison for each situation that violates the code, Also, having more than one dwelling unit in your home may make your home owner’s insurance coverage “null and void” – which means that your insurance provider will no longer pay for any damage resulting from a fire or other incident in your home.


If you are the owner of a two-unit dwelling, often also referred to as a basement apartment, and wish to ensure that your two-unit dwelling meets the fire safety provisions of the Fire Code, then please review the following information and follow the directions found there.

It is important to note that Fire Prevention Officers are designated as Assistants to the Fire Marshal by Ontario law. As such, they are law enforcement officers and do not provide fire safety consulting services.

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