Is Your Child Safe and Secure?


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The number one cause of injury or death to Canadian children under the age of 14 is motor vehicle collisions. To help combat this, children should be in a proper child car seat or booster seat from birth to 8 years of age.

In September 2005, the Government of Ontario enacted new legislation making it mandatory for anyone transporting children to ensure they are properly secured in the appropriate child car seat or booster seat.

The purpose of the DVD is to provide parent and caregivers with helpful tips for the selection, installation and safe use of child car seats and booster seats. 

Is Your Child Safe and Secure…Tips On Car Seats and Booster Seats” is the second safety DVD in a series created by Brampton Fire and Emergency Services. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation supports the production of this DVD.

As a parent or caregiver, your child’s safety and security is a top priority. This DVD aims to take some of the challenge and confusion out of car and booster seat installation and use.

This DVD provides instruction for the full range of car and booster seat use and assists parents and caregivers with the decision whether their child is ready to graduate to a regular vehicle seat belt. Use the DVD in conjunction with your vehicle owner’s manual and your car seat or booster seat instructions.

Our children are our future. Let’s all work together to keep them safe.

To obtain copies of “Is Your Child Safe and Secure…tips On Car Seats and Booster Seats” contact Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Division of Fire/Life Safety Education at 905-458-5580 or e-mail

To have the DVD mailed there will be a small shipping and handling fee of $5.00 and if you pick the DVD up from the Fire/Life Safety Education Centre we will ask for a small donation. 

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