TAPP C - Program (The Arson Prevention Program for Children)

Balze of Glory, Robert Allen photo
All children have a fascination with fire. They like to watch campfires, fireplaces, woodstoves, candles, etc. For some, this fascination goes beyond watching. Sometimes it can become a repeated Fire Setting behaviour.

Experts estimate that 50% of all arson fires are started by juveniles. Approximately 50 - 60% of these children are motivated by curiosity. For the remainder, however, fire play can be a symptom of other serious problems.

It is estimated that there are roughly ten times the number of unreported fires as reported ones. Children cause many of these unreported fires, and, without detection and/or education, they may well continue until a large and potentially tragic fire results.

If you suspect a problem, we urge you to contact us at:


If you live outside of the Region of Peel, please contact your local police or fire department.