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Tornadoes normally occur between May and September and can strike anywhere. Tornadoes can appear after a heavy rain or hail in a sky that is green, yellow or black. Stay aware of public issued alerts and warnings when tornadoes are imminent or already detected.


  • Close all windows and doors. Secure loose objects outside so they don’t get blown around.
  • Disconnect electrical appliances, such as radios, TVs, computers, etc. as they can conduct electricity.
  • Get to the basement or main level of your house if it’s a severe storm.
  • If you’re in a car, pull over to the side of the road, but stay in the car.
  • Find a low-lying area away from trees and hydro poles. Crouch on the balls of your feet with your hands and head on your knees. This is called the 'leap-frog' position.


  • Don’t use electrical equipment, any faucets or the phone.
  • Don’t go near windows and doors.
  • Don’t stand under hydro poles or tall trees, since lightning is attracted to tall objects.
  • Don't stay near or touch anything that may conduct electricity such as fishing rods, golf clubs, tractors, water, etc.
  • Don't go outside unless it's absolutely necessary. Stay indoors.