Back to School - Helping Kids Prepare for Emergencies


It's back to school time! Emergencies can occur with little or no warning - even during the school day. Now is a good time to review emergency preparedness tips with your child before the school year starts.

Here are a few tips to help protect your child from an emergency and to reunite with your child quickly and safely:


• Update your emergency contact numbers with your child’s school and childcare provider.
• Tuck your contact information in a safe place inside your child's bag, and program your emergency information into their mobile phone if they have one.
• Make sure you know the emergency plans and procedures for your child's school or childcare provider – things like evacuation locations and alternate contact information in the event of an emergency.
• Make sure your kids know what to do at school if an emergency happens.
• Make sure that the school has current emergency contact information for your children including home, mobile, and work telephone numbers.
• Ensure your child knows who is identified as their alternate emergency contact, so that they know who may pick them up during an emergency
• Sit down with your children to talk about different kinds of emergencies that could happen and review your family emergency plan.
• Talk about what to do and where you will meet if you are not together when an emergency takes place.