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Optional Deferral of 2021 Property Tax Payments – Apply by April 15

On March 24, 2021, City Council approved an optional deferral of 2021 property tax payments to support individuals and businesses facing financial problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those opting in, you could apply to defer payment of the 2021 property taxes until December 15, 2021. This assistance is by application only and is meant to aid residential and business property owners who may require payment flexibility of taxes levied for 2021 taxation year only.


Every year, the City issues two tax bills:

Interim Tax bill issued in January and Final Tax bill issued in June

To defer your Interim or Final 2021 property tax, please apply by April 15, 2021. Please note, if you choose this option, your Final tax bill also be automatically deferred, to make it easier for the taxpayers so that they would not have to apply twice.


Financial problems may include:

  • Prolonged suspension of pay
  • Loss of employment
  • Extreme business revenue loss
  • Business closure
  • ​Insolvency or bankruptcy

To be eligible for the property tax deferral, your property tax account must not have tax arrears prior to March 2020. You must also pay property taxes directly to the City of Brampton and not through your mortgage company. The application must be made by the homeowner.

If you are enrolled in the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment (PTP) Plan, your account will be removed from the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan and you will have to submit a new application to re-enroll into Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Program before the applicable deadline for the 2022 Interim Billing. To re-apply to enrol for the Interim 2022 taxes by the applicable deadline, your account must be up to date and all taxes due prior to the start date must be paid in full.

Financial institutions cannot apply for the tax deferral on your behalf.

Payment resumption, penalties and interest

For those that opt for a tax deferral, you can make property tax payments at any time and any number of times during the year. Penalties and interest will not apply to your 2021 property taxes as long as, full payment is received by the December 15, 2021 deadline. To ensure the City of Brampton receives your tax payment on time, please allow for 3-5 business days for processing times when making payments at your financial institution. Please note that penalty and interest will be applied for payments received after December 15, 2021.

For any arrears of 2020 or prior years’ property taxes, penalties and interest will be applied to this balance until the tax account is paid in full. The deferral does not constitute any waiver of taxes.

How to ap​ply

To defer to your Interim or Final Tax Bill, apply online using the below form by April 15, 2021.

Apply for Tax Deferral

If you require a paper version of the form, please contact the tax office. Once completed, send us your paper application via fax at 905-874 2296, or mail to:

City of Brampton​
Finance Department, Revenue Division
2 Wellington St. W
Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2