Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal

Snow & Ice RemovalThe City of Brampton needs your help to clear the way:

• Clear your sidewalks of snow and ice.
• Clear snow from around fire hydrants on your  
• Do not shovel snow onto the street. Pushing or shovelling snow onto the road can create a safety hazard for vehicles and can also block catch basins, which can cause flooding.

Snow and ice on sidewalks is a safety hazard as it increases the risk of a slip and fall. It is also an obstacle for strollers, wheelchairs, etc.

As a result, the City created the Snow and Ice Removal By-law (242-76) requiring property owners and tenants to remove snow, ice and slush from their sidewalks by 11am the day after the end of a snowfall.

When the City receives a complaint about sidewalks that are not cleared, a bylaw officer will investigate and may issue an Order to Comply, which requires the property owner or tenant to clear the sidewalk within 8 hours.

The City will come to re-inspect and if the work is still not done, will arrange for a contractor to clear the sidewalk. The City will add the cost of the work, plus administrative fees, to the property owner’s taxes.

To report a sidewalk that has not been cleared by 11am the day after the end of a snowfall, or if you have questions regarding the bylaw, please call 311 if you are in Brampton or 905.458.3424 from anywhere or email