Brampton Plow Tracker

Brampton’s Plows Go High-Tech!

The City of Brampton uses an equipment tracking system called the Brampton Plow Tracker for over 200 pieces of its snow maintenance equipment. The system consists of a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver that communicates from the vehicle to a computer web browser. Each snow plow and sidewalk clearing machine is equipped with sensors that capture whether the plow blade is touching the ground or if the salt spreader is active. ​Coordinators receive highly detailed and accurate information about the vehicle, such as its location and speed.


AVL Diagram 

Advantages of Plow Tracking

Supervisors can monitor the progress of snow removal operations during the snowfall and re-deploy equipment to meet changing weather conditions. If an emergency occurs, coordinators will know exactly which operators and equipment are able to respond first. The system also stores incoming data for historical purposes, allowing supervisors to better plan for future storms.

Public Viewing

The Brampton Plow Tracker reports the progress and location of winter operations to help keep residents informed. During a weather event, the Plow Tracker will display the maintenance operations that have been recently performed on the roads and sidewalks maintained by the City. The Brampton Plow Tracker also shows winter maintenance that occurs outside of a snow event, such as pre-treating and clean-up operations. To learn more about the City of Brampton’s snow removal operations, check out our Levels of Service.

Important reminders:

  • Cleaning up after a storm takes time— please be patient! Our goal is to service roads to safe and passable condition within 24 hours after the snowfall ends
  • The Region of Peel is responsible for winter maintenance on regional roads (Mississauga Road, Steeles Avenue, Airport Road, Bovaird Drive, etc.)
  • The Brampton Plow Tracker helps illustrate service delays due to parked cars on the road. Street parking during snow clearing operations is prohibited and proactively enforced