Sidewalk, Curb & Pothole Repairs

Sidewalk Repairs

Sidewalk being repairedThe City identifies hazardous sidewalk defects and performs a temporary repair to make the area safe. Sidewalks are often repaired using a process called mud jacking. Mud jacking involves pumping a cement, topsoil and water mixture (known as "mud") under a sidewalk bay to lift it to its original grade. Most trip hazards and ponding problems on sidewalks are dealt with using this process at one-tenth the cost to replace the sidewalk. Sidewalks that cannot be repaired with mud jacking are scheduled for replacement.

Curb Repairs

Newly-installed CurbCurb defects are identified by routine patrols by City staff. Repairing curbs involves the removal of the existing curb, the forming and pouring of the new curb.

Asphalt and sod are restored once the new curb is in place.

Pothole Repairs

Traffic Cone on PotholePotholes result from a combination of pavement fatigue, poor soil support and moisture. Potholes form most often in the spring during repetitive freeze and thaw cycles. Higher volumes of traffic also loosen the pavement.

Proactive patrols are undertaken to find potholes. Citizens are also encouraged to report any potholes they find to Public Works at 311.