Road Occupancy & Access

road constructionRoad occupancy is any work that will be done on the road, boulevard and right-of-way, which may or may not require a closure and/or restrictions. Public Works is responsible for issuing the required Road Occupancy & Access Permit for any work done on roads or boulevards on City of Brampton streets.

Examples of work that requires a Road Occupancy and Access Permit:

  • excavation of the boulevard for utility installation or maintenance
  • any work that involves crossing the boulevard, such as landscaping or installing pools
  • road widening projects
  • installation of storm sewers, sanitary sewers and watermains

During road occupancy, City staff perform regular inspections of the work to ensure:

  • efficient traffic flow on the road during the work
  • safety is maintained on the roads, boulevards and sidewalks
  • the right-of-way is kept clean; free of construction materials and equipment
  • applicants comply with City of Brampton standards
  • applicants restore the right-of-way to its original state within a reasonable time
  • all work is documented for future use

Requirements and Procedures Vary

If you need a Road Occupancy Permit for one of the following, click for more information:

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