Fill/Grading Permit

Many Brampton residents make plans to improve their properties. Those plans often involve landscaping, changing the grade of the land or stripping the land. Before undertaking any of these projects, homeowners/contractors are required to apply to the City of Brampton for a Fill Permit.

Fill is any type of material placed on land, including soil, stone, concrete, asphalt, sod, or turf. 

​A Fill Permit ensures that:

  • the work does not affect the surface drainage on neighbouring lots 
  • surface features such as swales and catch basins are not changed 
  • the work is done safely and complies with City standards 
  • City streets are kept free of debris during the filling or stripping process.

When a resident receives a Fill Permit to change the grade of their land, Traffic Services staff will inspect the property and offer advice in an effort to avoid potential drainage problems.

The City may enforce compliance to ensure the work being done matches the design that was approved for the Fill Permit.

Are you filling in/removing an in-ground pool?

  • You only require a Fill Permit if the existing grade of your property is being changed. 
  • It is recommended that the floor of concrete pools be broken and all vinyl, plastic and metal be removed to allow for proper drainage.