Catch Basins & Storm Sewers

Catch Basin 

Catch basins receive and direct the flow of storm water into our storm system and into our rivers. The storm sewer system drains rain water away from city streets and parking lots, diverting rainwater to our waterways to prevent flooding. Catch basin grates should be kept clear of debris, including leaves, sticks, snow and ice.


City of Brampton's Right-of-Way

Report any missing, damaged or clogged grates to Public Works.

Private Property

Catch basins found in backyards, referred to as rear-lot catch basins, are the responsibility of the home owner to maintain. 


Although the City of Brampton manages the catch basin & storm sewer system, the wastewater in Brampton is managed by the Region of Peel. Wastewater comes from your sinks, toilets and showers and is sent to a treatment plant where it is cleaned before returning to our rivers. 


Illegal Dumping


Do not dump anything into a catch basin. Anything that enters the storm sewer system flows directly into rivers. Dumping into the catch basins may result in a fine. See by-law information about illegal dumping.



Children playing in and around storm sewers and watercourses, entering storm sewers through the outfalls, and entering storm sewers through access covers is dangerous and can lead to an injury. Children should be made aware that:
  • water flows in storm sewers and watercourses are unpredictable and may change quickly;
  • toxic gases may be present;
  • tragic falls could take place; and
  • access is restricted and therefore, rescue attempts are difficult.