​What's been done so far...

Where we are now...

  • ​In September 2017 the Brampton LRT Extension Study (“the Study”) for alternative LRT routes along the Kennedy Road and McLaughlin Road corridors from the Gateway Terminal to the Brampton GO Station was started. It is currently in the pre-TPAP phase.
  • The Study involves a new TPAP to evaluate alternative LRT routes along the two corridors (Kennedy Road and McLaughlin Road), since the approved TPAP applies only to the Main Street Corridor.  A preferred LRT route will be recommended based on a number of criteria. The study outcomes will include the development of an operational plan; determination of construction staging and costs; and the establishment of an implementation plan.
  • The City of Brampton and a team of experienced consultants are currently reviewing previous plans, studying the area’s existing conditions and identifying an initial long list of alternative routes for further analysis.
  • Metrolinx is currently preparing for construction of the Hurontario LRT line between Port Credit and the Gateway Terminal, with an expected completion in 2022.