Stormwater Management Ponds

PondStormwater runoff is rainwater that flows across the land and is routed through our drainage systems into our creeks, lakes and wetlands. Urbanization reduces the amount of water that can be absorbed into the ground through the increase of impervious or hard surfaces such as roads, driveways, sidewalks, walkways and patios and roofs. The impervious surfaces increase the amount of stormwater runoff flowing into our watercourses that, if left uncontrolled, can result in increased risks to flooding, erosion, watercourse health and aquatic life.

To manage these increased risks, the City often requires developers to construct stormwater management ponds to control stormwater runoff from their subdivisions. Upon assumption of the subdivision, the City of Brampton starts maintaining the stormwater management ponds.

The City's role in the pond maintenance includes:

  • Removal of sediments (as needed)
  • Removal of debris in and around the pond 
  • Removal of invasive vegetation
  • Maintenance of structures such as gates and valves
  • Maintenance of surrounding vegetation and plants
  • Vegetation replacement if required
  • Bank stabilization to prevent erosion
  • Pond monitoring

Residents should follow the following guidelines:

  • Do not swim, wade, skate or boat within the storm water pond
  • Exercise safety around stormwater ponds as conditions in the ponds can change rapidly which can include fluctuating water levels and thin ice