Class Environmental Assessments

The majority of major municipal road construction projects undertaken by the City of Brampton require the completion of an environmental assessment in accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process.

Current Class EAs in Brampton

What is the Municipal Class EA Process?

The Municipal Class EA is an approved process that municipalities must follow under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. Class EA projects are classified in terms of schedules (A, A+, B or C) depending on the degree of impact to the environment.

  • Schedule A projects include normal or emergency operational and maintenance activities. Environmental impacts of these projects are usually minimal and; therefore, they are considered pre-approved.
  • Schedule A+ projects are pre-approved. However, the public will be advised prior to the project's implementation. The manner in which the public is advised is determined by the City.
  • Schedule B projects involve improvements and minor expansions to existing facilities. There is some potential for adverse environmental impacts and; therefore, these projects go through a screening process including public consultation.
  • Schedule C projects involve the construction of new facilities and major expansions to existing facilities. These projects must go through the entire EA planning process.

Phases of the Municipal Class EA Process

The Municipal Class EA process includes five phases of a planning and design process as follows: