Engineering & Design Standard Drawings


When undertaking municipal road construction and development projects within Brampton, contractors and developers are required to adhere to City of Brampton standard drawings. These official design and construction documents are available for download below.

For Parks Construction Standards, please click here​.

City of Brampton Series

Select a link from the list below to display the standard drawings:​

200 Series - Above Ground - Roads Show Standard Types
  • 200 - 219 Road Cross Sections
  • 220 - 224 Curbs and Gutters
  • 225 - 229 Sidewalks
  • 230 - 234 Island Details
  • 237 - 239 Vehicular Access
  • 240 - Sodding
  • 241 - 249 Intersections
  • 250 - 259 Maintenance
  • 260 - 269 Transit
  • 270 - 271 Survey
  • 280 - 284 Tactile Walking Surface Indicators
300 Series - Storm Sewers Show Standard Types
  • 300 - 309 Maintenance Hole
  • 310 - 319 Maintenance Hole Frame Covers, Section Platform, Drop Structures, Steps and Dragging Hook
  • 320 - 329 Catch Basins, Catch Basin Frames & Grate
  • 330 - 334 Outlet Structures
  • 335 - 339 Grating for Headwalls
  • 340 - 343 Sewer Design
  • 344 - 360 Bedding and Connection Details
400 Series - Miscellaneous Details Show Standard Types
  • 400 - 409 Fencing, Retaining Walls
  • 410 - 419 Guide Rails
  • 420 - 429 Lot Grading
  • 430 - 455 Traffic Details
500 Series - Street Lighting Show Standard Types
  • 500 - 509 Overhead/Underground/Connections
  • 510 - 539 Poles
  • 540 - 559 Maintenance
  • 560 - 569 Layout

Brampton Standard Specifications (BSS)

Click here to view the specifications

Engineering Design Procedures Manual

This manual was created to outline the requirements for Engineering Drawings submitted to the City of Brampton. All Public Works “As Constructed” drawings must all adhere to the standards as provided in this manual and with the information provided in the Public Works, Capital Works Department Appendix A. Standardizing the process enables present employees to work efficiently and effectively while giving new employees a format they can follow when integrating their skills to their new position. Consultants providing capital project drawings to Capital Works will utilize the information to produce a product which is compliant with the City’s standards and requirements for Capital Engineering Drawings. To view the manual, click here.

To request a current copy of the Public Works, Capital Works Appendix A (Road Construction and Environmental Assessment Standards for Survey, Design, Inspection and Construction Administration), click here.

Development Digital Submission Requirements

Development “As Constructed” drawings, for Non-Capital Projects, are to follow a less demanding manual developed to provide common digital submission requirements to ‘The Peel Group’. The Peel Group is comprised of four entities, those being The City of Brampton, The Town of Caledon, The City of Mississauga and The Region of Peel. To view the manual, and download the appropriate seed package, click here.

Ontario & Provincial Standard Drawings Series

The City of Brampton has adopted the use of most Ontario Provincial Standards (OPS). For a list of frequently used Ontario Provincial Standard Drawings (OPSD) by the City of Brampton, click here. Visit Ontario Ministry of Transportation's website for a complete listing of OPSD for roads and public works.

Plan and Profile Drawings

Plan and profile drawings are available by request at the cost of $10 each plus HST. Requests can be emailed to​ and should include a description of the project, location map, and preferred media type.

Staff will notify you once your application has been reviewed and any applicable drawings are located. Hard copy drawings and/or electronic files will be provided once they have been reviewed and payment has been received.