Williams Parkway Widening and Noise Wall

When a road is planned to be widened to six lanes, it is standard City practice to install a noise wall to mitigate traffic noise for neighbouring homes. That noise wall is being installed now, before the road construction begins.

Road Construction Options

Williams Parkway Option 1

Option 1: 6 lanes (4 General Purpose, 2 HOV & Transit)


Williams Parkway Option 2

Option 2: 4 General Purpose lanes

Williams Parkway Option 3

Option 3: 4 General Purpose lanes and reduced median

Williams Parkway Option 4

Option 4: Resurfacing existing road


  • 2006 – 2011: Study conducted regarding the need for six-lane widening and a new noise wall. Class Environmental Assessment completed, including two public meetings. 
  • 2011: Based on EA, Williams Parkway recommended to be widened to six lanes. Environmental Site Assessment Report filed and approved. 
  • Spring 2012: Start of detailed design for widening and noise wall 
  • June 2018: Noise ​wall tendered for construction 
  • October 2018: First notice of construction​ delivered 
  • November 2018: Start of noise wall construction 
  • April 2019: Second notice of construction delivered
  • October 2019: Council requests a review of the road widening recommendation by Q2 of 2020
  • June 2020: Road widening options presented at Council Workshop. See video and workshop slides
  • Summer 2020: Online survey regarding road construction options

Next steps 

  • Summer 2020: Expected completion of noise wall construction 
  • 2020 - 2021: Utility relocation work 
  • 2022: Williams Parkway improvements from North Park Drive to Kennedy Road, subject to Council approval 
  • 2024: Williams Parkway improvements from Kennedy Road to McLaughlin Road, subject to Council approval ​

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