National Public Works Week 2014 Celebrations

In 2014, the City of Brampton invited fellow staff, politicians and Brampton residents to celebrate how public works is "Building for Today, Planning for Tomorrow”.

Hydraulics Demonstrations for Grade 8 Students

  • Hydraulic Equipment DemonstrationStudents from Gordon Graydon Senior Public School were invited to Brampton Transit's Sandalwood Facility.
  • City staff conducted an in-class lesson on hydraulic principles and demonstrated hydraulic systems on a variety of vehicles and equipment.

Works Yard Tours for Grades 1 to 3

  • School TourOver 450 students visited the Sandalwood Works Yard to take part in a tour demonstrating day-to-day public works activities.
  • Students learned how roads and sidewalks are built, how street signs are made and how an underground drainage system works
  • City staff demonstrated various types of equipment, including street sweepers, excavators and backhoes.

Truck Rodeo & Loader Challenge

  • Truck RodeoThis year's Skills Challenge tested the knowledge and driving skills of 32 contestants.
  • Some of the challenges included navigating a tandem dump truck around an obstacle course and operating a front-end loader carrying a 16-foot culvert pipe.

'Works Wars' - Chiefs' Challenge

  • Works WarsFour teams of senior management representatives faced off to guess the top answers in a public works-themed 'Family Feud'-style competition.
  • Contestants from the Planning & Infrastructure Services Department won the competition.

14th Annual Bus Pull Challenge

  • Bus PullThis year's competition took place in front of Gage Park on Wellington Street West.
  • Eighteen teams composed of 10 members each raced against the clock to pull a Brampton Transit bus 300 feet.
  • The "Gutter Rats" from the Engineering division won this year's challenge with a time of 21.19 seconds. The second-place team, "Bazinga" from Traffic Services, came in with a time of 21.21 seconds.

Urban Challenge Scavenger Hunt

  • Urban ChallengeFive local Boy Scout and Girl Guide teams raced around Brampton using public transportation to find public works landmarks and complete a series of challenges.
  • The teams performed several activities based on everyday operations performed by Public Works, including tree planting, line painting and operating a backhoe to move a log.

Other Events

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Public Open House Tours
  • NPWW Poster Contest
  • Career Forums
  • City Hall Atrium Displays
  • Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony