2019 Community Rides


Community rides are a series of FREE casual cycling tours held in Brampton from May to September. Led by citizen volunteer members of the Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee (BCAC), these group rides provide opportunities for residents and visitors to explore Brampton on their bicycles, meet other cyclists and enjoy a free refreshment. Join us and register for BCAC’s FREE community ride, your choice of 5km or 15km route, depending on your comfort level. All cyclists are welcome, whether you live in Brampton or are visiting. Come and learn about cycling in Brampton!

All riders welcome. Bring your bike, helmet and a sense of adventure.Click on the Ride Names below to register for these free rides and enjoy a complimentary refreshment.

Riders participating in the ride do so at their own risk and are requested to agree to the terms of a liability waiver before participating. Proper helmet use is strongly encouraged and is mandatory for those under 18. Parents have a duty to ensure helmet use for children under 16. Riders are photographed for promotional purposes. Complimentary refreshment is provided to participants at the end or mid-point of the ride (depending on ride). Routes are carefully planned and may be subject to change should situations arise. Pay attention to the Ride Leader and Sweep, and have fun!

Riders are encouraged to register to ensure we have a refreshment waiting for you at the end of the ride.

Cancellation Policy

  • Two hours notice will be given for cancellation (eg. due to weather)
  • An email will be sent to registered riders

For additional questions, contact cycling@brampton.ca.