Williams Parkway Widening and Noise Wall

When a road is planned to be widened to six lanes, it is standard City practice to install a noise wall to mitigate traffic noise for neighbouring homes. Noise wall installation began in 2018, ahead of the proposed road widening. 

The decision to widen Williams Parkway was revisted and reviewed, with opportunities for additional public engagement, from November 2019 to November 2020.

Williams Parkway Option 1

Option 1: 6 lanes (4 General Purpose, 2 HOV & Transit)


Williams Parkway Option 2

Option 2: 4 General Purpose lanes

Williams Parkway Option 3

Option 3: 4 General Purpose lanes and reduced median

Williams Parkway Option 4

Option 4: Resurfacing existing road



  • 2006 – 2011: Study conducted regarding the need for six-lane widening and a new noise wall. Class Environmental Assessment completed, including two public meetings
  • 2011: Based on EA, Williams Parkway recommended to be widened to six lanes. Environmental Site Assessment Report filed and approved
  • Spring 2012: Start of detailed design for road widening and noise wall 
  • November 2018: Start of noise wall construction 
  • October 2019: Council requested a review of the road widening recommendation by Q2 of 2020
  • June 2020: Road widening options presented at Council Workshop. See video and workshop slides
  • June 2020: Noise wall completed from West of Harridine Rd to East of North Park Dr
  • July - August 2020: Online public survey regarding road construction options is conducted
  • November 2020: Council approves an amended Option 4 in response to public feedback
  • Spring 2021: Staff to report on detailed scope of road resurfacing with active transportation and enhanced landscape 
  • 2021 - 2024: Detailed design of Option 4, in co-ordination with Region of Peel and MTO​
  • 2024: Road construction planned for spring 2024, subject to Council Approval and completion of watermain works by​ Region of Peel ​

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