Municipal Alcohol Policy

Holding an event in the City of Brampton is a huge responsibility. As the Event Organizer of an alcohol-related event, the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario makes you accountable for the actions of all attendees and your Event Workers. It is your responsibility to ensure their safety, not only during the event but also until they have arrived home safely.

This summary of the City of Brampton’s Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) has been designed as a guide to ensure a safe and successful event on City property.

Following the requirements of the MAP will assist you in promoting the safety and enjoyment of your guests, promote low-risk drinking and help protect yourself from potential liability exposure. These requirements are in place to help you avoid violations of the law and potentially dangerous situations.

As an Event Organizer of an alcohol-related event on City property, you must abide by the MAP, as well as the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario.

This website will offer you a step-by-step approach to planning your event by outlining how to:

  • Select an appropriate venue;
  • Ensure that all required forms are completed;
  • Staff your event;
  • Serve and sell alcohol safely and legally; and
  • Supervise your event to promote everyone’s safety
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