Tree Planting & Removal

Tree Planting on Public Property

tree-planting-event.jpgThe City of Brampton's Forestry section is responsible for the planting and removing trees on public property. Trees are removed only when they are dead, diseased, damaged beyond repair, interfering with City infrastructure, or if they are an undesirable species. Once a tree is removed, the location is added to a tree planting list for the next calendar year. Replacement trees are approximately 60 mm or 2 ½ inches in diameter.

Cut-off dates for the planting lists are December 31 of the current year.

  • Spring planting season: April 15 - July 1
  • Fall planting season: September 15 - November 15 (may be extended if weather permits)

Forestry also works to encourage citizens to plant trees on private property. Click here to view Tree Planting Instructional Diagram. For information on removing a tree from private property, click here.

Tree Planting in New Subdivisions

In new residential subdivisions, street trees are planted by either the developer or the builder according to City-approved subdivision plans. Considerable effort goes into creating subdivision plans that offer the best placement and mixture of trees. Street trees are usually planted in new subdivisions shortly after the lots are sodded. Trees are usually not planted during the hot and dry months of July and August.

Although street trees are planted in the front of residential lots, the condition of each tree remains the responsibility of the developer or builder until the subdivision has been taken over (assumed) by the City. Assumption usually occurs within four to six years after the registration of the subdivision or when the City is satisfied that the developer’s obligations have been fulfilled. If a tree dies before the subdivision is assumed, it will be replaced by the developer or builder. After the subdivision is assumed, the City will replace the tree.

If you have questions with regard to new street trees, contact the Planning, Design and Development Department.