Woodlot Conservation By-law

Woodlands/woodlots serve a vital ecological, social and economic role for surrounding communities and the City as a whole. The City of Brampton recognizes them as a valuable asset to be protected and cherished.

The City of Brampton's Woodlot Conservation By-law was adopted by Brampton City Council with the expressed purpose of protecting and conserving woodlands/woodlots within the City of Brampton.

As a result of the Woodlot Conservation By-law, a permit is required for any person wishing to make alterations (removal in whole or in part) to a woodland/woodlot and who are outside a formal development approvals’ process (rezoning, plan of subdivision, site plan, etc.).

The City defines a “woodlot” (referred to as a "woodland" in the 2006 Official Plan) as a portion of land that is at least 0.2 hectares in area that is treed with at least:

  • 200 trees, of any size, per 0.2 hectare;
  • 150 trees, measuring over five (5) centimetres DBH, per 0.2 hectare;
  • 100 trees, measuring over twelve (12) centimetres DBH, per 0.2 hectare; or
  • 50 trees, measuring over twenty (20) centimetres DBH, per 0.2 hectare.

This by-law does not extend or include cultivated fruit or nut orchards, or a plantation established for the purpose of producing Christmas trees or nursery stock. The Woodlot Conservation By-law's focus is on woodlots/woodlands in the City. It works in tandem with the Tree Preservation By-law, which focuses on individual trees.

Permit Application

Persons wishing to make alterations to a woodlot/woodland are required to submit an application for a Permit to Injure or Destroy Trees within a Woodlot to the Planning and Infrastructure Services Department.

As part of that application process, the applicant will be required to demonstrate that his/her actions are consistent with “good forestry practices” as defined by the City of Brampton and the Ministry of Natural Resources through the development of a Silvicultural Prescription Report that must be prepared by a Professional Forester and Tree Marker.

Good Forestry Practices

The intent of the Woodlot Conservation By-law is to ensure landowners with woodlands/woodlots follow the principles of “good forestry” when making changes to their woodlands/woodlots. To ensure good forestry practices are being implemented during the removal of trees within a woodlot, the City requires applicants to submit a Silvicultural Prescription.

A Silvicultural Prescription is a site-specific plan that describes the long-term woodlot management objectives and how they will be achieved to ensure that the ecological integrity of the woodlot is maintained and enjoyed by future Brampton residents.

The Woodlot Conservation By-law can be viewed in its entirety by clicking on the link in the menu on the right.

For more information on the Woodlot Conservation By-law, please contact the Planning and Infrastructure Services Department, Environmental Planning Section.