Natural Heritage and Environmental Management Strategy

In 2016 the City of Brampton approved its first Natural Heritage and Environmental Management Strategy (NHEMS).  The NHEMS provides a framework, action plan and targets for improved protection, enhancement and restoration of Brampton’s natural heritage system.  Brampton’s Natural Heritage System is a mixture of connected natural features including valley lands, watercourses, woodlands, wetlands and meadows. 

The NHEMS recognizes the importance of improving how we collectively manage urban green spaces such as parks, boulevards, stormwater management ponds, street trees, infrastructure corridors (e.g. pipelines, hydro, etc.), and private lands and yards. These urban spaces can have a profound impact on the health of Brampton’s natural heritage system, and the health of our city.

Enhancing the health of the City’s natural heritage system and urban green spaces will result in a number of ecological services to Brampton residents including clean air and water, reduced energy use, lower GHG emissions, habitat for a wide range of animals, birds, fish and insects, and environmental education and recreational opportunities.

For more information on the process for developing Brampton's NHEMS please contact 905-874-2050.



Brampton's Natural Heritage Features

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Brampton's Open Spaces, Green Infrastructure and Urban Forest

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