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Our Goal: Invest in people to create a healthy, livable and safe community 

People are a fundamental element of the Earth and its natural systems. To survive and thrive, humans need productive land, clean water and air, and abundant energy. However, by our very nature and daily activities – how we live, work and play, we consume resources, generate waste and cause impacts to local air, water and land resources. As stewards of the environment, we need to reduce our consumption and waste, and manage our local environments in a manner that improves local air and water quality, while supporting and enhancing natural heritage biodiversity.


What are we measuring?



  1. Foster active, healthy lifestyles 
  2. Engage Brampton’s stakeholders, community and public in establishing environmental directions, priorities and networks 
  3. Track, monitor and share data on the City’s environmental performance 
  4. Increase stewardship resources and opportunities to conserve and enhance Brampton’s environmental assets
  5. Increase awareness of link between city structure and environmental and human health
  6. Promote a “culture of conservation” and green economic development


Advance the awareness and engagement of the Brampton community in healthy lifestyles, environmental stewardship and the green economy to manage choices that impact the built and natural environment. Click here ​to see Brampton's People Action Plan.