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​​​​​​Our Goal: Manage land to sustain the natural environme​​​​​nt

Natural heritage lands and urban forest coverage provide a range of ecological functions that sustain Brampton’s quality of life, and the broader health of the natural environment. While we use land in cities for housing, transportation, industry and recreation, we also need land to provide for food production and support vegetation for animal habitats and CO2 sequestration. The protection, management and enhancement of​​​​​ Brampton’s natural heritage system and the use of land to build the city must be balanced if Brampton is to continue to enjoy a healthy, livable community.

What are we measuring?



  1. Protect, restore and enhance natural features, functions and linkages 
  2. Limit and manage the environmental impact of new development 
  3. Promote native species, increase urban tree canopy and enhance habitat to support natural community health, linkages and biodiversity, absorb CO2, and reduce the heat island effect 
  4. Increase densities and sustainability of urban communities to take advantage of and improve existing and planned infrastructure 
  5. Plan for walkable and age-friendly communities 
  6. Increase local food production and use


​Conserve, enhance and use land efficiently to foster healthy communities and ensure diverse, functioning natural heritage systems.  Please click here to review Brampton's Land Action Plan.