Grow Green Master Plan Cover page photo

Our Goal:
Reduce energy consumption and manage the impact of energy usage on our environment​

Energy powers our cities, our homes and our businesses. We use a substantial amount of energy that is expensive to generate and has significant environmental impacts to natural systems, public and community health, and creates air, water and thermal pollution. However, energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources offers the greatest opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to improve air quality and mitigate climate change, conserve resources, and limit environmen​​​​tal effects to biologically productive lands and habitats. ​

What are we measuring?​



  1. Manage the demand for energy 

  2. Improve energy efficiency and performance of new and existing​ buildings and operations

  3. Increase the use of renewable energy, both in terms of on-site generation and as a portion of demand for municipal facilities


​Reduce energy use, particularly from non-renewable sources, to limit greenhouse gas emissions, preserve natural habitats and resources, and increase energy security.