Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and ice that is not removed from sidewalks can be a safety hazard for people using the sidewalk, increasing the risk they may slip and fall. It can also be an obstacle for strollers, wheelchairs, etc.


As a result, the City created the Snow and Ice Removal By-law (242-76) requiring property owners and tenants to remove snow, ice and slush from their sidewalks by 11 am the day after the end of a snowfall. Even though sidewalks are owned by the City, it is the resident’s responsibility to take care of and maintain them.


Remove snow and ice by 11 am the day after a snow fall
When the City receives a complaint about sidewalks that are not cleared, it investigates and may issue an Order to Comply, requiring the property owner or tenant to clean the sidewalk immediately (within 8 hours). The entire length of the sidewalk is to be cleared from side to side, down to bare concrete.


The City will re-inspect and if the work is still not done, will arrange for a contractor to clear the sidewalk, charging back the costs to the property owner. Costs plus additional administrative fees will be added directly to the owner’s property taxes.

To report a sidewalk that has not been cleared by 11 am the day after the end of a snowfall, call 311 if you are in Brampton or 905.458.3424 from anywhere.