Second Units and Lodging Houses

Second Units

A second unit (i.e. basement apartment) is only permitted if it is registered with the City of Brampton. The registration process exists to ensure that the safety of the City’s residents and its workers is upheld.
A second unit is a self-contained apartment with a separate entrance (which may be through another unit), consisting of a room or rooms in a detached, semi-detached or townhouse dwelling. A second unit contains its own cooking, bathing and sleeping areas.

Second Unit Registration

In order to register a second unit, the unit must comply with the requirements set out in the Second Unit Registration By-law. A second unit that does not comply with the Zoning By-law, Building Code, Fire Code and Electrical Safety Code will not be permitted.
In general, a second unit shall not be permitted within a lodging house (see below for information about lodging houses), group home or an accessory building; and a maximum of one second unit is permitted per dwelling.
All second units must be registered with the City of Brampton, including all those previously deemed as Legal Non-Conforming.
Contact the Building Division prior to beginning construction for a second unit, or for information pertaining to the second unit registration process.

Lodging Houses

A lodging house is a single dwelling in which living accommodations are provided, and more than four rooms with sleeping facilities are supplied to lodgers. The lodgers in a lodging house do not have access to all of the living areas within the residence (i.e. bedrooms of other lodgers).

Lodging houses are required to be licensed with the City of Brampton. Contact Stationary Business Licensing for more information pertaining to lodging house licences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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