3 Strikes For Parking

A parking ticket for any offence may result in City staff towing your vehicle away.

The City has recently set up a three-strikes policy to more effectively enforce parking by-laws. If Enforcement staff has ticketed your vehicle for the third time in 60 days, they will tow it away.

Enforcement staff will tow your vehicle if:

  • You have parked it  in a way that makes it a safety hazard, such as when it sticks out into traffic from a driveway.
  • It blocks a driveway.
  • You have abandoned it or it has no licence plates.
  • You have parked it illegally and it is interfering with parade routes, street closures.
  • It is blocking a fire route and is affecting the safety of the public.
  • It is blocking a City street. 

For more information, visit the Parking Enforcement page.