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Enforcing the law against illegal
second units:
If you suspect an illegal second unit, call 311
if you live in Brampton, or 905.458.3424 from
anywhere, or e-mail
You will be asked to provide detailed information
to support your suspicions before an Offcer will

When raising a concern about a potentially
illegal second unit, please have answers to the
following questions:
Has there been any new construction at the
Have you ever been in the house or second unit?
Did you observe a second kitchen in the house or 3-piece bathroom in the
second unit?
Was the second unit separated from the main house by a wall or locked door?

Personal information collected by the City is protected under the authority of
the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O.
1990, c. M-26. Your name and identifying details will be kept confdential,
however, they may be disclosed if the case goes to court. Anonymous
complaints are not accepted.

Enforcing the law against unsafe second units:
Brampton Fire and Emergency Services investigates all fre safety issues. Tenants
and homeowners can report fre safety concerns to the Fire Prevention Division
at 905.874.2740 and ask for a fre safety complaint inspection.
For more information visit

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