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Park permits
Thanks Neighbour!

You make a difference

Brampton is the city of choice for more than half a million people
and continues to attract investment, businesses and residents.
Guided by a strategic priority to develop strong communities, the
City of Brampton is focussed on creating distinct, lively spaces that
help instil civic pride. Maintaining the quality of neighbourhoods
is crucial to our image, and upholding our community standards
is a shared responsibility, in which all Bramptonians have a role
to play.

City by-laws help contribute to a high quality of life in Brampton.
The Enforcement and By-law Services division offers 24-hour,
year-round service, enforcing City by-laws proactively and
responding to public inquiries about compliance.

You can contribute to our citys wellbeing by knowing your
responsibilities as a resident, property owner or tenant, and
following City by-laws. The City is pleased to provide you with
this second edition of the By-law Guide, containing valuable
information relating to your home and neighbourhood.

Every action counts. Clearing snow from sidewalks so that kids
can walk safely to school; keeping your pet on a leash; securing
parking permits for your overnight guests; and ensuring that your
second unit is legal; all of these help refect high community

Some by-laws may seem restrictive, but theyre prescribed
for the greater good to maintain Brampton as an enjoyable
place, a safe environment for bringing up children, a community
that is mindful and caring towards its seniors and persons with

When you are a great neighbour, you make a difference in your

Enforcement and By-law Services

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