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All dogs living in the City of Brampton require a licence. If your dog is
microchipped, you may purchase a lifetime licence; however, if your dog is not
microchipped, licences must be renewed annually. The deadline for renewing
licences is February 28 each year, unless the dog comes into the owners
possession after that date. In these cases a licence must be obtained right away.
Guide dogs and police work dogs also require a licence, but there is no fee.
Note: owners are required to prove that it is a guide dog or a police work dog to
have the licence fee waived.
Cats are also required to be registered with the City, however this is a one-time
occurrence in the life of the cat.
Licensing and registration of your pets allows for City staff to contact you
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year in the event that your pet
is found away from your home. This reduces the chances that your pet may end
up at the Animal Shelter if it accidentally goes missing. This also provides for
immediate contact in the event that your pet is in an emergency situation.

Number of animals permitted on private property
No more than three dogs older than three months can be kept on your
property at any one time.

No more than six cats can be kept. Exceptions to this include:

licensed kennel
animal hospital
pet store
registered research facility or supply facility under the Animals for Research Act

Pigeon coops
As listed in the Animal Control By-law, a pigeon coop is defned as an
accessory building or structure specifcally for the purposes of keeping pigeons.

No more than two pigeons may be kept on a residential property unless a
licence is obtained. A pigeon coop licence may be granted if certain conditions
are met:

The coop shall be located, constructed and maintained in compliance with
the Animal Control By-law, the Zoning By-law and any other applicable

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