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Operating a business from home
The Zoning By-law allows certain types of businesses to operate from
a home (e.g. accountant) but there are strict requirements. For example,
the business may only occupy a certain percentage of the foor area of
a house, the number of employees and signage are restricted, and all
related parking must be accommodated on the driveway. These home
businesses are sometimes called home occupations.
Operating Licence Required
The Municipal Act allows municipalities to determine which businesses
require an operating licence. The Citys Business Licensing By-law
regulates those licences. The City Clerks Offce issues business licences
where applicable for certain types of home businesses (e.g. hair dresser)
if they meet the requirements of the Zoning By-law.

The Licensing Enforcement team makes sure that business owners
continue to meet requirements under the Citys Business Licensing
By-law after licences have been issued.
These inspections ensure that businesses meet established standards for
consumer protection, health and safety, are in locations permitted under
the Zoning By-law, and are properly insured.
For more information and a full list of home businesses that require
a licence, visit and search for business licensing

How to make a complaint
If you suspect that a business is operating illegally, you may make
enquiries, but we require your assistance to help us help you as we
cannot always be there. This includes providing specifc dates and times
of business activity so we can effectively address your concern.

To make a complaint, call 311 if you are in Brampton, call 905.458.3424
from anywhere, or e-mail and an information
package will be mailed to you.

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