Building Division Small Business Building-Permit Service Congratulations on the decision to pursue your dream of opening your own business!

It may seem like there is a daunting road of approvals lying ahead of you but we are here to help.

Let Us Help

If you have a plan to open your own business, please contact us before you sign a lease.  There is a lot of information that you need to know about getting approvals for opening a business, preparing plans for permits and ensuring that your business will comply with the zoning by-law.

We would like to sit down with you and guide you through the process.  The City of Brampton offers a Small Business Building-Permit Service that is specifically designed to assist small businesses in obtaining the necessary municipal approvals and there is no cost for using the service.

Contact For Small Business Building-Permit Service:

Bruce West 
E: bruce.west@brampton.ca
T: 905-874-2449 


For general contact information visit the "Contact Us" page.

Building Permit Application Packages

The following application packages contain all of the forms required for submitting an application for building permit as well as some sample drawings to illustrate the information that your designer is required to include in the permit application drawings.


Please note that a separate permit is required for signs for your business.  Click here to be redirected to our Sign Permits web page.


Once your application has been approved you will be called to pick up your permit, your permit is not issued until you have picked it up and paid any outstanding fees.  The permit must be issued in order for you to book inspections.  Please visit the Inspections Page for details on when and how to book your inspections.​​