Good Government

Credible leadership delivers trusted services to make a positive difference for citizens.


  • Educate and engage citizens in open and accountable ways that show value and enhance the image of the city.​
  • Invest in a collaborative environment with supportive organizational and governance practices and policies.
  • Practise proactive, effective and responsible management of municipal assets and services.


Good Government is a critical foundational element that reinforces the City’s transformational shift in its operations.
We are aligning our operations where:
  • Customer service remains our number-one focus.
  • Investments in our people include leadership development, engagement and accountability
  • Financial strength and agility is demonstrated through our long-term financial plan, new revenue opportunities, and prioritizing and forecasting capital projects.
  • Leveraging healthier regional, federal and provincial partnerships is a priority in an environment that includes fair regional representation.
  • Modernizing our policies and procedures is complemented by supportive technology.
We have a clear vision, we are focused on progress, and our loyalty is cemented in understanding and serving the people in our community.