Corporate Asset Management Policy


To express the commitment and intentions of The Corporation of the City of Brampton [the City] to plan, design, construct, acquire, operate, maintain, renew, replace and dispose of the City’s assets in a way that preserves sound stewardship of public resources while balancing levels of service and risk.


Policy Statement

The City will implement a comprehensive Corporate Asset Management (CAM) Plan in alignment with the current strategic vision of ‘Moving Our City Forward.' This inclusive framework of shared principles aligns the foundation of the CAM Plan to emphasize and support optimized evidence-based decision-making.

Specifically, the following principles will form the foundation of the Corporate Asset Management Plan:
Asset management ensures the right balance of strategy, assets (physical and technological), people and business processes to deliver established levels of service through an optimized risk-based decision-making approach. The City is committed to manage this program in an organization-wide manner that preserves the whole lifecycle of an asset and will be achieved by ongoing capacity building (sufficient training and resourcing).