COVID-19 Relief Fund for Artists & Arts Organizations

Banner for COVID-19 Relief Fund - Two Women Talking
 The arts and culture sector plays a key role in contributing to the social, cultural, and economic health of Brampton. Many artists and arts organizations are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19 due to the unprecedented loss of revenue caused by the cancellation of performances, exhibitions, productions, and community events, the closure of venues and the prohibition of public gatherings.
To assist Brampton based artists and arts organizations in dealing with the negative impacts of COVID-19, in 2020 the City of Brampton delivered the COVID-19 Relief Fund for Artists and Arts Organizations. The Fund offered:
·       Up to $15,000 in relief funds for Brampton-based charitable and non-profit arts organizations.
·       Up to $1,000 in relief funds for Brampton-based individual artists.
These funds were intended to help offset a portion of revenue losses and expenses as a result of COVID-19, and will play a role in helping Brampton’s arts sector to stabilize, strengthen, and contribute to the city’s economic recovery from the pandemic.