COVID-19 Recovery Fund for Artists

The arts and culture sector plays a key role in contributing to the social, cultural and economic health of Brampton. Many artists and arts organizations are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19 due to the unprecedented loss of revenue caused by the cancellation of performances, exhibitions, productions and community events, the closure of venues and the prohibition of public gatherings.

To support the Brampton arts, culture and creative sector as Ontario begins to reopen and recover from the pandemic, the City of Brampton and the Arts, Culture and Creative Industry Development Agency have collaborated to deliver a temporary funding program for 2021: the COVID-19 Recovery Fund for Artists. The purpose of the program is to provide recovery funds for Brampton-based individual artists to continue, stabilize, adapt, or rebuild their creative practice in response to the challenges resulting from COVID-19.

The Fund offers up to $2,000 in recovery funds for Brampton-based individual artists, which may be applied towards the following eligible uses:

  • Strategic planning and creative business development research
  • Marketing artistic work and creative services
  • Upgrading technology to support artistic work
  • Website development or redevelopment
  • Creating and adapting work spaces for artistic practice and arts administration.
  • Upgrading skills and knowledge in artistic practice, arts administration, and technology


  • Due to overwhelming interest in the COVID-19 Recovery Fund we will no longer be accepting applications, as the number of applications received has exceeded available funding.  Thank you to everyone that submitted an application. Applicants can expect to hear shortly about the status of their application.

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