About Funding

What We Fund

The City of Brampton provides funding for projects and organizations across a variety of initiatives – from supporting festivals and events, to local non-profit organizations, to entrepreneurs building their businesses, we're committed to funding initiatives that build our community and support our 2040 Vision. 

The new Advance Brampton Fund is Brampton’s largest granting fund, focusing on support of Brampton's non-profit sector. This Fund is the primary granting body of the City, however, specialized funding is also available through the following streams:

Community Grant Program Review

In June 2018, the City of Brampton endorsed its first Culture Master Plan, which recognized an immediate need to review the City's grants and funding opportunities. 

Staff launched a review of the Community Grant Program in January 2019 to explore opportunities for strategic re-alignment with Council priorities, process enhancements, and meeting community need. Through this review, staff engaged stakeholders through consultations, survey/data collection, interviews, and industry research to build the new design and approach.

Endorsed by Council on October 16, 2019, the newly renamed Advance Brampton Fund focuses on engaging and supporting local, Brampton-based non-profit projects that align with Council's 2018-2022 Priorities. The new program recognizes the value of Brampton’s non-profit sector and funds these projects to extend the reach of city services and strengthen the sector as a whole.

The Advance Brampton Fund's new model delivers project grants based on what stage your project is at – whether you’re just starting out, have had success in the past, or need to sustainably grow, this program supports projects across the non-profit sector. 

​​​​​​​Past Grant Recipients