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Each year, the City of Brampton collects property tax to provide services to residents, build new facilities and infrastructure, and maintain the ones it already has.

 Factors that impact how and when tax dollars are spent include:

  • Maintaining required services levels
  • Meeting legislated growth
  • Achieving Council priorities 

Budget 2015 Approved

Brampton residents will see an increase of 3.26 per cent on their overall tax bill.

At a special meeting of Council on April 8, 2015, Council approved a 2015 net tax levy increase of 5.79 per cent on the City’s portion of the property tax bill:
  • 3.79 per cent for operational needs
  • 2.00 per cent for infrastructure repair and replacement

When taking into account the Region of Peel’s 1.9 per cent net tax levy increase and no change in the Education – School Boards component, the overall property tax bill will increase 3.26 per cent:

  • 2.00 per cent for operational needs
  • 1.26 per cent for infrastructure repair and replacement

For the average residential property assessed at $381,000 this equates to an increase of $134 per year on the overall tax bill:

  • $82 for operational needs
  • $52 for infrastructure repair and replacement

Approved for 2015 is:

  • An operating budget of $570.5 million
  • A capital budget of $107.1 million

Click here to view the full video from the April 8, 2015 Special Council Meeting (links to Rogers TV website).


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