Comprehensive Zoning By-Law Review

Zoning OUR Future

The Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review has recommenced!

This new comprehensive Zoning By-law will reflect current planning standards and practice, implement the policies of the City’s Official Plan and provide a new and interactive format for public use. This will ensure conformity with the Official Plan and recent provincial policy and legislation.

The Zoning By-law needs to reflect updated policies and current zoning practices. To achieve this a comprehensive review is underway. Consultants WSP Canada Group Limited have been engaged to undertake both this and the Official Plan Review creating synergies for teams involved. The project was paused for the City to make advancements in drafting the new Official Plan and has now formally restarted.

The Zoning By-law review process is required to address current progressive planning practices that will support the Brampton 2040 Vision and the Term of Council Priorities (TOCP). Action items in the TOCP that are particularly relevant to the Zoning By-law review include improving liveability and prosperity, building sustainability, and focusing on a healthy, safe and well-run City. The goal of the City’s Zoning By-Law is to create harmonious neighbourhoods and communities by ensuring that adjacent land uses are compatible and by setting regulations that govern built form.

The new Zoning By-law will be presented to Council following the adoption of the New Official Plan in 2023 – please find more information on the Brampton Plan webpage

City of Brampton By-law 270-2004, as amended, is the City’s current Zoning By-law. To review the Zoning By-Law online please click here.​

The new Zoning By-law is intended to be read in tandem with the Brampton Urban Design Guidelines. The 2023 Draft is available here.​

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