City of Brampton Smart Cities Challenge

Smart Cities Challenge 

The City of Brampton has officially entered the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge. On Tuesday, May 1, the City received official notice from Infrastructure Canada that its application has been accepted for consideration.

The City’s application is based on extensive public engagement over the past year. By working in partnership with its stakeholders, the City developed the following challenge statement:

“Brampton will become Canada’s most inclusive and fastest growing citizen-driven community inspired by the needs and vast potential of its newcomers and youth; our community will be shaped around citizens’ uniquely understood values and ideas to enhance newcomers’ connection to the City and retain youth – our largest enablers of change.”

The ultimate goal of the City’s application is to create Canada and the world’s first truly citizen-driven city. Sentiment on all issues will be transparent and real-time, and all residents will shape their community, driving next-level social cohesion. The City will achieve these goals by developing and implementing technical solutions, and transforming the way government delivers solutions in response to citizens’ needs.

Smart Cities Challenge finalists are expected to be announced this summer.​​​​​​​​​