City Of Brampton Federal Priorities

City of Brampton Federal Priorities

The Federal Government is an important partner for the City of Brampton. The funding received from the Government of Canada, is helping to build an inclusive, healthy and sustainable Brampton. The City looks to the Federal government to help advance our priorities and improve the quality of life for all Brampton residents.

The 2021 Federal Election is on Monday, September 20, 2021.

Brampton’s Top 5 Asks | Federal Funding that Builds Brampton

  • Fully funded Light Rail Transit (LRT) from Main Street to Brampton GO (Fed ask $850M)
  • Queen Street-Highway 7 Rapid Transit / Züm Express regional connections (Fed ask $250M)
  • Cybersecure Catalyst grant approval for enhanced infrastructure (Fed ask $80M)
  • Electrify third transit facility for e-Bus fleet (Fed ask $75M)
  • Expanding Active Transportation Network (20-year AT plan - Fed ask $42.2M)

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